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Sea Freight Advert - 1710



From Port:


KHH - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

To Port:


FXT - Felixstowe, United Kingdom

Advert Information:  

  Advert ID: 1710
  Load Type: Bulk Contract
  Advert Type: Sealed Tender
  Advert start date: 09 February 2009 at 00:00
  Advert End Date: 09 February 2009 at 00:00
  Time remaining: Advert Closed
  Advert viewed: 795 time(s)


  Contract start date: 09 February 2009
  Contract end date: 08 February 2010
  Contract number of days: 356

Load Details:  

  Number of loads in contract period: 780
  Dispatch Road Freight: No dispatch road haulage required
  Arrival Road Freight: No arrival road haulage
  Shipment Type: Full Container Loads
  Number of containers: 1
  Container Type: container
  Load weight KG: 0 LB
  Load weight LB: 0
  Hazardous Goods: No

Description of Goods:  


Special Instructions:  


Guide Price and Bid Information:  

Guide Price: No Guide Price Set
Cheapest Bid: Sealed Tender - Cheapest bid not displayed

Advertiser Contact Details and Feedback:  

Company Name: Advert now closed
Contact Name: Advert now closed
Contact Phone: Advert now closed
MSN: Advert now closed
Skype: Advert now closed
Location of Advertiser: United Kingdom
Company Type: Company with goods to move
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Advertiser Confirmation: (View Advertiser Confirmation)

Questions About This Advert:  

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  Shipping Containers Kaohsiung Seaport Sea Containers Kaohsiung Seaport  

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